Training for a Figure Competition!

figure competition, #scrawnytostrong

Training for a Figure Competition — My new goal!

And one day, just like that, she decided it was time to step outside of her comfort zone and become who she always dreamed she could be… metamorphosis

Last month I watched my first figure competition and something inside of me transformed. I am done half-a$$sing my attempts to go from #scrawnytostrong. I am raising the bar for myself for my nutrition and fitness and publicly declaring that I am going to train to enter the next Beachbody Classic figure competition.

If life begins outside of your comfort zone, then I am full speed ahead, because this terrifies me and makes me feel alive all at the same time! A figure competition… Me? Oh my!

Today was day 1.

I took new progress photos, tracked my measurements, and meal prepped. I also did a chest and triceps workout. I just came back from vacation, my second within the same month. I didn’t make the best food choices during those trips, definitely did not do all of my workouts, and my sleep schedule was all over the place. Needless to say, I am not feeling at my best. When I took my before photos today… well… let’s just say there is work to be done! And I did not feel my strongest during my workout.

No excuses

Some people might read that last paragraph and give up before starting. Not me. No way! I have goals baby, and I am going to achieve them! Beachbody Classic Figure Competition here I come!!!

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