Be the Leading Lady In Your Life

leading lady

You’re supposed to be the leading lady in your own life.

“You’re supposed to be the leading lady in your own life.”

If you have never seen the movie The Holiday, I highly recommend it. I will tell you why. Not because it is a feel-good romantic comedy, or because Kate Winslet is always a brilliant actress. Not because I thoroughly enjoy the characters and excellent soundtrack. I love it because I think it shows you to STOP JUST GOING WITH THE FLOW and get UNSTUCK from that path you have found yourself stuck on. My favorite scene is when the sweet old man tells Kate Winslet’s character, “You, I can tell are a leading lady. But for some reason you’ are behaving like the best friend… You’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life.”

I think we often start out on a path and are determined to be consistent and see it through to the end even though we are unhappy. We feel like we have invested so much time and effort that veering off  in a different would mean we have wasted our time.

When we stay on that same unhappy path we give up having control over our own lives and let others control it for us. We go from being the leading lady to the best friend. Veer off friends! Jump ship and follow your heart! Don’t be concerned about wasting time, because I do believe that you were meant to be on that path for a reason. But I also believe you are only meant to be on it for a given length of time, not forever.

The real wasted time would be spent staying on a path that makes you unhappy.

I know the unknown can be so scary, but I have honestly found it to be the most rewarding. Take back that leading lady (or man) role in your life!

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