Confidence in a dress

Last month I shared a personal success about finally being happy in the fitting room and not having a fitting room melt down.  I was shopping for a dress to wear to my beautiful friend’s wedding, and I found the perfect dress!

Well the weekend before last I had the pleasure of attending that friend’s wedding, and it was absolutely phenomenal!  I paid to get my hair and make-up done at a local salon, since I am pretty lousy at make-up and well this crazy curly hair has a mind of its own.  I am so glad I made the appointment, because the women at the salon made me feel like a movie star.  I even snapped a selfie at a stop light while driving back.  Once I got back to the hotel room, I finished getting ready and my wonderful husband captured the moment by taking some photos.  There were so many that I loved that I just couldn’t decide between them, so I am sharing several in the slide show!  After taking the photos, Chris finished getting ready, and he looked smashing in his tux!  I consider myself a very lucky girl to be married to a man who is so incredibly kind, supportive, smart, and as an added bonus, handsome.

I honestly felt so completely wonderful that day!  Like I could do anything!

Self-confidence is a super power everyone should possess!  It is my dream that every woman feels the way that I felt that evening. 

The entire wedding was so completely full of love!  I know, I know, aren’t all weddings?  Well this one seemed especially wonderful.  The bride and her groom both were glowing with love and excitement for their big day.  The bride looks absolutely breath-taking in her lace gown!  She was grinning from ear to ear the entire evening.  The bridesmaids looked stunning and also glowed with excitement for their dear friend.  The ceremony was beautiful and was the first Jewish Orthodox wedding I had attended.  It was full of so many memorable moments and traditions.  Chris and I are so happy for the wonderful couple, Lindsey and Andrew!

I wish you all a wonderful week!

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  1. Dawn says:

    You look phenomenal! Inside and out, the confidence glows!

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