Create // Succulent Geometric Terrarium

Succulent love

I have jumped on the succulent band wagon, and I love it! I wanted to put some plants in my new office at work, because there is just something about being surrounded by plant-life that makes me smile. And let’s be honest, many have a little hint of purple–my favorite color–in their leaves. Did you know that succulents store water in their leaves? This is why many of them have thicker, almost “puffier” leaves.

Build your own succulent geometric terrarium

I didn’t just want my new succulents sitting in ugly pots, so I wanted to find a way to plant them that made my desk look more… artsy and fun. Lucky for me Target  had this awesome geometric terrarium! Here are the steps I used for building my own terrarium:

What you will need:


  1. Add a layer of stones to the bottom of your “pot”
  2. Add soil (I have also seen tutorials online that included sand before the soil)
  3. Plant your succulents
  4. Cover the top of the soil with decorative stones

That’s it! Now keeping them alive… well we will see how that goes for me! But I did find this awesome site that have great information on how to keep your succulents alive.



Note: I am in no way affiliated with Target, and will not receive any type of compensation if you purchase using the links in this post.

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