Honest review of the 3 Day Refresh

3-Day Refresh Arrived!
Samples from Day 1

I am finally getting around to writing my honest review of the 3 day refresh.

This month (November 2014) there is a sale on the 3 Day Fresh from Beachbody in addition to the Piyo program. Essentially people kept asking Beachbody for a cleanse, so they developed this three day cleanse program where you are not restricted to only drinking juices, you eat small amounts of healthy food throughout the day (fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats), and drink specially formulated high protein shakes and a fiber drink each day. I have had people ask me about it, but since I had not done it I could only tell them from the point of view of other coaches, so I decided to try it myself after a weekend of anniversary celebrations. Let me preface this by saying I have never tried any kind of cleanse or detoxing plan until this. My goal was to go the three days without sugar, caffeine (didn’t work so well), and by sticking to the 3 Day Refresh plan that does not include eating meat.

Day 1. I actually didn’t think that the fiber drink or protein shakes were that bad. I thought I would completely hate them, but remember thinking they were pretty good. I was worried the fiber drink would have me running to the bathroom, but it didn’t. I love fresh fruit, and veggie with hummus, so that was good. Whenever I felt hungry it was time for the next snack or shake. I was able to do one of the 20 minute Piyo workouts after work. Around dinner time I was pretty hungry, but I made one of the salad recipes that came with the kit and was full. I did have a really horrible headache from the lack of caffeine, and I went to bed early. I usually only drink one cup of coffee a day, but my body wanted it!

Day 2. I still had a killer headache. I lasted as long as I could, but by the evening I made myself a cup of unsweetened chai tea. I was definitely hungry in day two. I glared at Chris when he cooked a warm dinner, and I was eating a cold salad. I discovered how much I wanted warm food simply for comfort. I was allowed warm organic vegetable broth, so I picked some up at the store, and that helped (so did the cup of tea).

Day 3. I was ready for this last day to be done! I was craving warm eggs! I wanted warm food! It is crazy since I often will eat cold salads for lunch, and I love my Shakeology in the morning, but I guess I was craving the comfort of warm food. My co-workers were all sick, and I was definitely coming down with something , so I did not feel especially good. I realized that sometimes I was craving food just because I was bored and wasn’t really hungry. I again had a cup of black tea to help with my headache.

Day 4. The three day refresh was done! I swore I would never put myself through that again. I made warm eggs for breakfast with coffee (Note, the headache lasted another 3 days, and I in hindsight I am sure it was a sinus headache and only partially related to the caffeine). One major thing that I noticed while on the 3 day refresh was that I slept like a baby! Since being off, I still have not slept that well. I miss that wonderful sleep!

That brings us to today, Day 10. Since the 3 day refresh finished, I haven’t really had any cravings for sweets, which is awesome! I am trying to save up my sweet treats for Thanksgiving. I feel less bloated from all the junk I was eating, and I’ll admit I had a beer with friends at Busch Gardens, but I still feel better. I haven’t slept nearly as good as when I was on the refresh, which is making me lean more toward making tea every morning instead of coffee to reduce my caffeine intake. I know I originally swore I would never do it again, but I can tell a difference. I am not one to do this monthly, but then again I have also never tried a cleanse program before this one. Honestly, I would MAYBE consider doing it after a week of vacation where I wasn’t eating so healthy and felt really bloated and gross. I can tell you that it definitely made me decide to not go over-board on holiday meals and treats!

So there you have it, my 3 Day Refresh results. I have included my before (morning of day 1 11/10/14), after (morning 11/13/14), and a photo taken last night (11/18/14). It isn’t super noticeable, but I do feel a lot less bloated now compared to before, which is great!

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