Join Team Changing for the Better

As a coach in Team Changing for the Better, you provide the necessary tools, support, and accountability to help others become better versions of themselves. To join Team Changing for the Better you do NOT need to be a fitness model or perfectly content with your life, in fact I want those who are not to join the team. What you DO need to be is willing to work on becoming a better version of yourself and helping others in the process by following our team mission. You are more likely to inspire others by sharing your own journey than you would if you were already at your destination. Your unique story made up of your past, your struggles, your successes is going to inspire those who maybe my story will not reach. However, if we work as a team, together we can inspire so many different people!


If you are interested in joining Team Changing for the Better, please click the button to the left to be directed to our Team Coaching Application.

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