My fitness journey


Many of you know that I really love yoga and how it has made me more flexible, more strong, and less stressed. I especially wanted to get into acro yoga, simply because it is fun and to me looks beautiful. Unfortunately, I did not really have the strength to support others. My wedding photographer, Becka, became a Beachbody coach, and I saw her posting about it on Facebook. I was amazed at her weight loss transformation, and my interest was especially piqued when I saw the muscle strength she was building. I decided to join her T25 challenge group in January 2014, since I could do quick 25 minute work-outs before work and still go to my favorite yoga classes in the evenings. My husband, Chris, was supportive of my decision (with some eye rolling) but said he would rather run then do a workout DVD. I told him to just give T25 a try one day, and ever since he was hooked! With me being part of Becka’s challenge group, I found the support I needed to keep waking up in the mornings and doing the work-outs, which in turn kept Chris working out too. By the end of T25, I could actually do real push-ups! And with increased muscle strength in my arms, legs, and abs I found my yoga practice was also improving. I could finally do a headstand! My confidence significantly improved, and Chris lost over 15 pounds! These results paved the way to several other challenge groups and different work-outs. I especially loved the 21 Day Fix, because that was when I really began to focus on nutrition. I realized that I was not eating as well-balanced meals as I should be and lacked protein and healthy fats. Along with starting the Beachbody work-outs, I started drinking Shakeology, which I have been drinking every morning since January. Who wouldn’t love to drink a delicious “milk shake” every morning?

I have enjoyed these work-outs and challenge groups so much, and have told so many people about them, that I decided I wanted to become a Beachbody coach. This way I hope to help and inspire others while on my own fitness journey to go from scrawny to strong.  I intend to make this year my healthiest and strongest year yet!  I would love if you would join me!

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