One tiny act of kindness


This past June I was in Baltimore for a scientific conference. My colleague and I decided to start our day off by walking from our hotel to the convention center so we could enjoy the city and get a bit of fresh air before spending our day indoors. On our walk we passed several different coffee shops, but we decided to stop at a tiny locally owned shop. The owners of the shop served us delicious coffee as a ridiculously cheap cost, and we promised to stop by the next morning. The next day we walked in and the owner greeted us with a smile and said, “Good morning! One regular coffee and one iced soy coffee to go?” He had remembered our order. On this day the shop was less crowded, and I noticed he had several tiny paper cranes decorating part of the counter. I asked if he would mind if I took a picture of them, and he said he did not mind at all and told us each to pick one out and take it with us. Some people might not have even blinked at this tiny little gift, but my colleague and I treasured it. We showed several of our other colleagues our little paper cranes and recommended they try the coffee at this wonderful little shop. Never under estimate the power of one tiny act of kindness. I encourage you to brighten someone’s day even if it is just with a simple compliment or smile.

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