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One of my favorite aspects of being a Beachbody coach is taking the time to work on personal development. I have many friends who have been smart enough to do this throughout their life, and I am glad I have finally picked up the habit.  I spend at least 10 minutes each day reading a book, listening to a podcast, etc. Since I have a little bit of a commute to and from work each day, I started listening to audiobooks.  Today I started The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen, and you guys this book is gold!  In this book, Mr. Olsen discusses how a series of small decisions and actions build up over time to have a compounded effect. He mentions selecting a good book that will improve your life in some way and reading just 10 pages a day.  That is not much and will not take up a significant part of your day.  Is reading 10 pages going to significantly improve that day? Maybe not. If you do not read those 10 pages, is your day going to be a disaster?  It isn’t.  However, if you make it a habit to read 10 pages a day, after a year you will have read 3,650 pages. This is the equivalent of one to two dozen books, which you can imagine would have an impact on your life. It reminded me of writing my dissertation two years ago. If I wrote a single page in a day, that didn’t mean I was going to pass my dissertation. If I didn’t write a page, I certainly wasn’t going to fail, but by adding on little by little I was able to write a dissertation over 400 pages and successfully earned my PhD.

This simple principle can be applied to so many areas of your life. As related to health and fitness, will a 30 minute workout a day cause someone to lose five pounds the next? Nope. Will missing a workout cause them to gain five pounds? Nope. However, by consistently working out for as little as 30 minutes every single day, that individual is going to see positive results. Similarly, will eating a brownie one day cause you to gain five pounds? Nope. Will skipping it cause you to lose five pounds? As much as we would like, that won’t happen either. But by continuing to make healthy food choices day after day, you will see a positive change in your health.

Your mental, physical, and spiritual journeys will not progress if you do not make a constant daily effort to work toward your goals. You do not need to spend hours on end reading books or working out in the gym or even swear off brownies forever, you just need to put in a little effort each day and make the conscious decision to do one thing to help you achieve your dreams.

Anyone can take little steps toward success, so why isn’t everyone super successful? It is because these little steps are so easy to ignore or just skip. Skipping them isn’t going to ruin your day or your life, so where is the harm, right? Mr. Olsen points out that the reason some people are so much more successful than others is because the successful people have made the effort and have taken these tiny little steps each day.

So I ask you, what steps will you make tomorrow and the day after and the day after that to help you achieve your dreams?

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