Relaxing morning project

Spinach, Eggs, and Steel Cut Oats with Cinnamon
Open-Faced Omlette and Morning Snuggles with Zack
Decadent Chocolate Shake and Open-Faced Omlette

I used to press snooze until the very last minute, wake-up and grab the fastest breakfast possible, and run out the door. My morning started off feeling very rushed and stressful, which set the tone for the day. I decided I had enough of feeling so stressed out and rushed in the morning.

I started setting my alarm to wake me up earlier in the morning. Just 15-20 minutes makes a HUGE difference! Then I committed to making myself a good breakfast, going out and enjoying the morning sunshine and fresh air while picking or photographing a flower, and sitting down to enjoy it all and take a moment to myself just to breathe. Some mornings I will read the Bible, or a fun scientific article or book where I am interested in learning more. I spend a few extra moments of calm with my husband and our kitties.

This little change in the morning has really changed how the rest of my day goes. I feel less anxious and stressed throughout the day. I encourage you to try this for one week and let me know how you feel.


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