Proud of my Challenger/Friend: Thomas

Thomas_progressI just want to take a minute and say how proud I am of one of my friends and challenger, Thomas!  He has been working out and eating clean using the 21 Day Fix nutrition guide, doing meal prep every weekend, and has lost 12 pounds and a whole pants size!  Thomas is a very good friend of ours and was even a groomsmen in our wedding.  He started losing weight using the T25 program, but eventually hit a plateau in his weight loss.  He decided that he wanted to focus on improving his nutrition and started drinking Shakeology.  Then he decided to try the 21 Day Fix workout and nutrition program.  We started out by coming up with a meal plan using the 21 Day Fix nutrition guide to determine the proper portions and different types of food he should be eating.  Each Sunday we would go to the grocery store then come home and prepare our food for the week.  This included putting individual snacks into sandwich bags, cooking lunches for the week, and portioning out dinner items.  By focusing on his nutrition and doing the 21 Day Fix workouts, he was able to get over his plateau and started losing even more weight.  We have been doing meal prep together every Sunday ever since!  It is a fantastic way to make sure you have healthy food to nourish and fuel your body readily available so you are less likely to grab fast food or other junk food.  You cannot out exercise a bad diet.

As I told Thomas and tell all of my challengers, we are aiming for a healthy lifestyle not a fad diet.  Thomas hasn’t sworn off beer or sweets, he just started incorporating more healthy food in his life.  He has told me how much better he feels now.  I am so excited for him and cannot wait to see his continued progress! 

The 21 Day Fix nutrition plan is hands-down my favorite and was a real game-changer for me in terms of nutrition, plus it really is easy!  Send me a message by going to the CONTACT form if you would like to know more, or even buy the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack for yourself.  Together we can change for the better!

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