Something INCREDIBLE is about to happen



  1. impossible to believe.
  2. difficult to believe; extraordinary.

The word “incredible” has been bouncing around in my head these past few days, and I have found myself using it often.

Recently, I have felt like I have been on a bit of a roller coaster with so many changes and events going on in my life. This morning I was on an early flight to St. Louis for a work conference, and I took this photo of the sunrise. There is something about flying above the clouds that helps put life into perspective. You see the “big picture” and all your worries and troubles seem to dissipate.

This afternoon, I took a short nap in the hotel room and woke up with this overwhelming feeling that something incredible is about to happen. I have no idea what it may be. I just know deep down in my soul that everything I have done and all the people I have met have led me to this point and something wonderful lies just ahead of me. I feel a little silly writing this, because it seems so impossible that someone could feel such a thing. But then again, the definition of incredible is that it is difficult to believe.

Stay tuned… as I am excited to see where my journey is heading, and to share it with you.

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