What is Shakeology?

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What is Shakeology?
Shakeology is more than just a protein shake.  Drinking Shakeology is like eating six salads but tastes like dessert!  It contains more than 70 natural ingredients, is packed with superfoods containing essential vitamins and minerals, and it has NO artificial ingredients!  The ingredients fall into the following categories:  proteins and amino acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogen herbs, prebiotics and probiotics, and digestive enzymes.  You can read more about the many ingredients here and here.  It is even clinically proven to help people lose weight, lower cholesterol, and reduce blood sugar levels.

Are you skeptical?  Don’t worry, I was too!  I mean I REALLY was.  I had never been a “shake” person.  I thought for sure I would try it and hate it, and my husband rolled his eyes at me.  Fast forward to over a year later, and I am still drinking it daily and now so is my husband!

How have I seen a difference in my life?

  • It is a quick, easy, and nutritious breakfast.  I am notorious for hitting the snooze button multiple times in the morning.  I generally have just enough time to feed the cats, shower, grab a quick breakfast, and run out the door.  For this very reason, I typically pack my lunch the night before and lay out my clothes for the next day.  I go to bed each night with the intention of waking up earlier to accomplish a few additional chores and tasks, but come morning I hit the snooze once again.  Obviously this is an area I would like to improve in my life; however, in the meantime having a quick and nutritious breakfast is paramount for starting my busy day.  Skipping breakfast is never an option for me.
  • It satisfies my cravings for sweets.  I have a major sweet tooth!  I refuse to buy cookies or candy, because I will quickly consume it all!  In fact, for special occasions like our anniversary or Valentine’s, if we decide to cook at home I will purchase individual slices of cheesecake from Publix instead of the more cost-effective entire pie, because I know that I will eat it all.  Chris does not crave sweets like I do.  In fact, when he has chocolate stored away I have usually eaten it by the time he remembers it.  I used to eat 100 calorie cookie snack packs and other treats I thought were “more healthy”, but in fact they did not have any nutritional value and I was consuming empty calories that just left me hungry and craving more.  Shakeology allows me to give in to my sweet tooth and satisfies my cravings while also being healthy and filling me up!  I honestly find that I crave Shakeology much more than a candy bar or even ice cream.
  • I doesn’t give that post-treat crash. Let’s face it, when we give in to those delicious sweet treats we typically crash an hour later after the sugar high has worn off.  Not to mention we tend to feel guilty for giving in to such treats.  Fortunately, Shakeology is healthy so there is not guilt over drinking it.  Since it is full of nutrients and wholesome ingredients, you do not crash but instead feel more energized.  I am saying this from personal experience.  There have been days when Chris and I feel a little under the weather or just “blah” and one of us will say, “We should make a shake, then we will feel better.”  This is the truth.
  • There are so many versatile recipes depending on your mood and craving.  Two of my favorite combinations are chocolate + mint, which reminds me of those sinfully delicious cookies sold by those cute little girls in front of the grocery store each year, and chocolate + peanut butter which reminds me of a peanut butter cup.  Around the Christmas season I grew up drinking egg nog, which is not the most healthy drink.  Fortunately, this past Christmas season I discovered an Egg Nog Shakeology recipe using vanilla Shakeology, rum extract, and nutmeg.  Instead of indulging in a guilty pleasure, I was indulging in a nutritious drink!
  • The cost really is reasonable.  I know, I know, you are probably thinking, “but it seems so expensive?”  Actually, I pay less than $4 a day for Shakeology (hello coach discount! by the way you do not actually have to coach if you just want the discount) which is cheaper than when I used to grab a coffee and bagel or breakfast sandwich from the local coffee or breakfast shop on my way to work.  I also no longer have to spend money on vitamins and expensive supplements, because I get them all through Shakeology.  I admit that I used to go to the vending machine a couple times a week to buy chocolate or some other sweet when the cravings hit (especially during that time of the month), but now I no longer feel the need to do that, because I can simply drink a shake.  We also started using a french press to make coffee at home.  In addition, thanks for the 21 Day Fix, Chris and I started planning and preparing our meals for an entire week.  This meant that we were not constantly eating out or making multiple trips to the grocery store.  We started shopping smart and only purchasing what was needed and the ingredients that could work for multiple meals in a week.  Combined, these changes have saved us a lot on our monthly food bills and allowed us to afford two bags of Shakeology a month since we both love it so much.

Would you like to try Shakeology?
My personal favorite is the vegan chocolate.  Yum!  You can shop for Shakeology here, then please send me a message so I can share some of my favorite recipes with you!


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