What is Your journey?


Everyone’s journey is unique and may include several different paths. I encourage you to think about where you are now and where you would like to be. When you share your progress or various stages of your journey, remind yourself where you started and where you are headed. This can be accomplished by creating your own journey #hashatags. For example, part of my health and fitness journey is to gain strength (#scrawnytostrong) while mentally I would like to continue to grow more confident (#selfconscioustoconfident). Perhaps you are wanting to go from being unhealthy to being fit (#unhealthytofit), a follower to a leader (#followertoleader), or to go from being shy to more bold (#shytobold). We are constantly growing and changing; therefore, it makes sense that our goals will vary over time as well—don’t be afraid of the change but instead embrace it!

Please share your current journey hashtag below in the comments!


Note:  Anything I consider rude or inappropriate will be deleted.  This is a positive space.


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